Guided HealthCARE:

  • Acts as a liaison between the medical world, the patient and their loved ones
  • Works with the medical team to develop, explain and manage your plan of care
  • Advocates for your needs and concerns if you are unable to, and your family can’t be there to do it for you
  • Identifies resources for ancillary, community and long-term care services
  • Provides support and coaching for office visits
  • Educates both patient and family to help make informed  decisions
  • Reviews medications to validate need and evaluate for most cost-effective options
  • Provides medical referrals as needed
  • Researches treatment options
  • Provides comprehensive eldercare and chronic health case management
  • Supports the patient and family during significant life transitions
  • Facilitates healthcare advance directives such as living will and power of attorney
  • Assists with long-term care policies, insurance and medical billing
  • Reduces hospital admissions and healthcare costs through preventative care and management of chronic health issues

Guided HealthCARE does not provide home health nursing services, diagnosis, or assessment of legal liability. GHC services are supplemental and do not supersede any physician’s diagnosis or plan of care.